Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The reality of adoption...

This video was forwarded to me by a good friend and I just watched it...I can't breathe. My heart literally hurts for Maire and all of these "lost girls". I just want her home so badly. I am so blessed that God chose US to be Maire's parents. Adoption is a wonderful thing, created by God. But my joy of bringing Maire home comes at unbearable cost to another mom. My heart breaks for Maire's biological mother. What her mother must have gone through making this decision. I pray God watches over her and provides her with comfort in her decision. I will take care of her daughter. I promise with all of my heart and soul. And my sweet girl who is soon to be uprooted from the only life she's known, given to strangers who look different, talk differently, dragged to a country where everything is foreign. I can only pray that God prepares her heart for this transition. I pray that she knows my soul and finds comfort in us as her parents. Our children are our world and I cannot wait to share that unconditional love with her.

We are still taking donations for Maire's orphanage--if you can spare anything, please let us know. There are still girls left there--without parents. No future...please help them if you can. Thank you...

Parents Journey to China, Meet Adopted Children

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Somewhere Behind the Morning said...

Congrats! Your daughter is adorable! We're adopting two special needs kids from Ukraine, but I happened to stumble upon your blog when I googled Burundi adoption with Americans Adopting Orphans. Would you be willing to share some information regarding why you pulled out of the program? There is so little information regarding people who have adopted from there, and there are not very good successful adoption statistics from there.... Although, the agency makes it sound quite easy!

Thank you so much!

If you'd like to write privately, I'm at weluvourpaws(at)yahoo(dot)com. I didn't want to type it the usual way due to spammers!