Thursday, June 3, 2010


Did you know that is against Paypal regulations to use their services for a raffle! I obviously didn't and they let me know. Wasn't that nice of them to let me know I was breaking the rules!? I am embarrassed...of course, but I'm a little bummed. Not sure how this "coast to coast" thing is going to work now! Any suggestions out there? The devil may very well have thrown us this roadblock, but he doesn't have any idea what a mother will do for her children. Step back non believers...and watch how God and I work!

Humbly yours,


Cora said...

oh so sorry. I have seen it done so many times? Maybe they get around it by calling them donations and a separate giveaway. Don't be embarrassed I would have done the same thing.

Robert said...

This is Nicole - I'm too lazy to sign our Robert.

I just read about why PayPal can't allow that and it makes sense to me, but what a bummer!

Robert said...

Hmmm... Nicole still here trying to help you. I read some blogs about how to do an online raffle and most of the things I read said you can't and that almost all states have laws against it and that you can do it if it is through a non-profit organization. UGH!!! Here's a link to MO laws - not much help and not encouraging.