Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Coast to Coast Raffle

Hi folks! If you stopped by to enter our Coast to Coast Raffle, welcome! We are in the process of bringing our daughter Maire home from China. We have about one month to raise $5000 (Yikes, I know!) But I know we can do it. With the help of friends, family & God, Maire will soon be home.

About the raffle, we have 10 items to give away (see items here). On June 20, we will raffle off the items using www.random.org. Here is how it works. Donate $25 and you will get one raffle ticket. Donate $50 (or more) and you will get 3 raffle tickets. Within 24 hours, I will send you your raffle ticket numbers via email. What if I don't have a paypal account, you ask? No problem, send me an email at angelawells1@live.com and let me know how many tickets you want, then mail me a check!

On June 20, we will raffle off item number 10 first, then work our way down to item number 1. If your ticket number is selected, you will be contacted about the item you won and we will send it to you...our cost. Then that ticket will be left out of the following drawings. However, if you contributed $50 or more, you will still have 2 more chances to win something else!

Wish everyone could win, but we only have 10 items! But this isn't just about winning, every dime in that is donated account goes to bringing Maire home. We cannot thank you enough for participating in our raffle. Email us with any questions and good luck!


Angie & Andy

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