Sunday, June 6, 2010

Something NOT adoption related!

Imagine that! I was just reading through a friends latest blog entry (Bushel and a Peck) and I was truly laughing out loud. She has been smacked in the face with the reality of 2 children and their MESSES!

I rejoiced at the thought of having an entire week sans kiddos to clean and organize my home. Bear and Bug are vacationing in Maine with Nana & Pop. What better time to "donate" some unused toys. Sort through clothes that don't fit. Really clean--maybe even the windows **gasp**. Yet on day 2 of their absence, I sit on my comfy black rocker surfing the net...with 2 loads of clean laundry staring at me. And an unimaginable stack looming behind the laundry room door--I try to avoid that room at all costs.
While growing up, my mother kept our house immaculate. She was a stay at home mom, and I remember she was always vacuuming or unloading the dishwasher--hand mopping the floors (Thank GOD for Swiffer, right?!?) Poor woman...never had time to blog! I have yet to look as cool as she did in her kerchief tied around her hair...believe me, I've tried.

So yes, our houses may be messy (I bet your neighbors' is too) and our laundry might stage a revolution at any minute--but this blogging community keeps me sane. You guys are the ones who jump online, write your heart onto a computer screen, then publish it for the world to see. And every time we hit "publish now" remember this. Blogging may take away from precious cleaning time--but we are creating a lifetime of memories for our children to read over and over again. Our blogs will be cherished by our children far after we leave this place. Our entries will one day make our children laugh and cry, but hopefully, they will also let our children see a side to "Mom" they didn't know existed. So blog away girlfriends...the dishes will get done when they are accompanied by an odor!

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Kristy said...

Christie cracks me up!!! How have I missed you????? We know alot of the same people!!! I am so glad I know you now!!!

Blessings, Kristy