Thursday, January 17, 2013

Two Years

I know we've done a terrible job keeping our family blog up to date. Today, however, marks the two years anniversary of when our family became complete. Two years ago today was the day we met the little girl we'd only seen in pictures up to that point. Two years ago today was the day we met a little girl crying in a room with two other families that were becoming complete. Two years ago today was when we were literally handed another life to care for, a girl who only knew us through pictures she'd seen. That short haired little girl was scared. We were scared. Now, we are whole.

Maire still doesn't communicate very well, but she's come a long way from that fragile state in which we were first introduced to her. She's willful and independent. She's loving and needy. She has a... shall we say "spirited" personality. She's smart. She likes to pretend she isn't. She likes things her way. But most of all, she's happy. She's rarely scared anymore. I can't say the same for us. She is most definitely a Wells.

Here are some pictures from the past two years.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

The Fanatic

Recently, my mother sent me a box of random things from my childhood that I had left in the attic. Amongst the many memories was a story I had written about my father my junior year in high school. From the corrections written in red, I’m not she my teacher understood it. He wanted me to write it in the past tense for some reason. I think it works better in the present, even though it’s set in 1988.

It’s important to note that I had yet to be fully converted as a die-hard Giants fan, by that time. I think I really just didn’t feel I had the time to watch football. I had better things to do with three hours, like read comic books. Oh, how na├»ve I was. I do not agree with some of my sentiments in this piece any more. Some have become sacrilege for me, as I’m sure they were to my father at the time. But, most important is the portrait I provide of my father as a Giants fan. Enjoy.

Andy Wells
Writing Two
November 7, 1988

The Fanatic

I lumber down the stairs late in the morning, wondering why my father woke me earlier and asked if I wanted a big breakfast. I hear a fire roaring in the woodstove and cheers blasting from the TV. I turn the corner to see my father standing no more than a foot away from the television set with the remote in one hand and a soda in a Giants glass in the other. I slap my hand against my forehead thinking to myself, “Oh no, not another Giants game!”
            My father is an incurable New York Football Giants fan. Seeing him watch the football game explains many things. Whenever my father watches a Giants game he always has a big breakfast in the morning and a fire going full force for the game. It’s part of the total atmosphere he creates to remind himself of a crisp fall day.
            I try to escape the room as quickly and as quietly as possible, but before I get the chance my father turns to me. The look on his face is like that of a small child who sees Disney World for the first time. He quickly grabs me and places me on the couch where the cat is trying to get some sleep. She isn’t faring too well because of all the shouting my father is doing about the Giants. He offers me ice cream, Bryers’, with peanuts; but I refuse.
            Even as the game starts he is pacing back and forth and rubbing his hands together. Soon, a trench is worn into our floor from the TV to the couch, and the room fills with smoke from the constant rubbing of his hands. He tries to draw me into the game by asking stupid questions and making comments. Throughout the game he continues to pace and rub his hands, keeping that smoky tavern atmosphere and destroying the carpet at the same time.
            He begins to add other movements, like rocking, patting his head, and getting up and down from his seat every three seconds or so. At one point in the game, the Giants fall behind, and my father starts swearing; he starts cursing at everyone, the players, the coaches, the refs, even the announcers. After a while, he calms down and starts making excuses as to why the Giants aren’t playing well, listing everybody on the team who is on injured reserve or out for drug rehab. He even damns those players who held out for more pay during training camp.
            The Giants take the lead again, and the game nears an end. Even though the Giants are in the lead, this is my father’s tensest moment. He grips the chair tightly, and I shake my head, knowing what my mom will think of new upholstery for the chair just for a stupid football game. Now, my father starts talking to the players. “OK, L.T. Come on, Carl. You can hold them! Let’s go, Phil, just hang onto the ball!”
            I breathe a sigh of relief as the game ends. “Phew! It’s over.” My father jumps for joy and hugs and shakes me. His team has won another major victory, sort of. I walk away with my head hung in shame for having been suckered into watching the Giants win Super Bowl XXI for the seventh time. My father still stands in front of the TV, proud of his Giants team from two years ago. Too bad they’ll never be able to do that again, huh Dad?

“Never be able to do that again.” How little faith I had. We’re going to do it again in Super Bowl XLVI, right Dad? Thank you, for passing on your insane obsession, Dad. I’m going to miss seeing your ecstasy and agony tomorrow, but I’m sure your spirit will be there. Go Giants!!! 

Monday, October 31, 2011

We are still alive!

Hi anyone who hasn't giving up on us. Life is so hectic, and I have been terrible about keeping our friends up to date! Maire is growing like a weed. Can't believe our first Halloween as a family has come and gone! Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


It bears repeating..."Whoa!" I cannot begin to tell you how hectic this summer was; road trips, beach trips, dr trips, birthday parties, Y camp, a new classroom for mommy, weddings, recitals, college classes, crazy crazy busy. I'll spare you the details and just say I hope to be back more regularly now that we have a schedule again. I am full time in the classroom now, and Maire starts her first day of pre k on Monday (they have no idea what they're in for!). Jack and Jude started 4th & 1st on Wednesday. Of course, Jack developed a fever and missed the next two days! Maire has ups and downs but has made herself home with us. She follows those 2 boys anywhere! She adores Jack (the feeling is mutual) and tolerates Jude. Jude has no idea he is not her favorite and treats her like a princess most all of the time. His favorite thing to do: "beep her nose". Which consists of his pointer finger poking her button nose while saying "beep, beep". She thinks it strange and rarely laughs, but always lets him do it.

She still refrains from using any language, but we have heard a few words over the last week. We are hoping that some immersion in a classroom of peers will help her find her voice! She struggles at night to sleep soundly, waking about 5-6 times, but sails through the day like a bird on the wind. She is not the little girl we met 7 months ago--she is finally finding her personality and boy is it spicy!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Help Bring The Woods' Girls HOME

Hi friends & family, you know I have a heart in love with Haitian children. My friend Holly Wood just passed one of the final hurdles to bring home their daughters from Haiti! Please find it in your hearts and checkbook to help out if possible. Adoption (as most of us know) is so very expensive, but I have been to Haiti and I see that these children have no future. Money should not be a factor in providing a life for these children---but it is. Please give and please pray!!

My Haitian Girls

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

nothing to say...?

Hi all, it is not that I don't have anything to say...I have TOO much to say! We are approaching 6 months of celebrating Maire coming home. But our year has had some high highs and low lows--not ready to put them in words right now. In a nutshell, Maire's motor skills continue to improve in leaps and bounds, but her speech is lagging. She had an MRI and all looks great. Jude turns a year older on Thursday and is all boy! Jack took tennis and golf and loved them both.

Maire celebrated her first 4th of July yesterday, and pretty much loved every minute of it--swimming, playing outside, fireworks, food--all the good stuff! Enjoy some pics.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Torture by sprinkler...


We call this the "shrek hair"

Jude break dancing at the Saline County Bar B Que!