Helping Hands Cook Book

Helping Hands Project
In an effort to generate the needed funds for Maire’s adoption, I have decided to create a cook book!  I would love to include your recipes!  Here is the concept:

Helping Hands Cookbook
All recipes are encouraged!  From appetizers to desserts!  AND for each recipe you submit, you get to include a picture drawn by the artist of your choice!  So, my friend Falon is putting in 2 recipes.  She will be allowed to include two hand drawn pictures from her 9 year old and her one year old!  My sister in law is submitting one recipe, so she will include a picture drawn by her daughter!  My next door neighbor doesn’t have anyone to submit a picture, so she is going to give me a “tip for cooking with kids in the kitchen”.  (Her tip, always have a job for your child to do while you prepare dinner).
I want this book not to be just a collection of recipes, but a book infused with art by children, tips on how to include them in meal preparation, and inspire a younger generation to find ways to help others!  Recipes don’t have to be kid friendly, but that would be great if they were.
The only catch—the hand drawn pictures need to be of kids helping others.  Maybe they are helping mom cook dinner, or dad mow the lawn.  Or maybe they are picking up trash at the local park or volunteering at their animal shelter.   This book will be sold to raise money for Maire’s orphanage—the kids left behind.  By including a recipe and a picture in this book, you are contributing to the welfare of a child thousands of miles away.
I need to get this to the printers in the next 2 weeks, so if you are interested in participating, let me know asap.  The deadline for recipe and picture submission will be November 12.  You can email your recipes to  If you are unable to scan your child’s picture, let me know.  You can regular mail it to me, drop it off or I can even pick it up! 
Color pictures are best, on 8 ½ x 11.  On the front, include first name of artist and their age.  On the back (if mailed) please put your name and address so I can return your original after I have scanned it.  Thank you so much, in advance, for helping us out.  I am so excited about having this collection of recipes and pictures!