Monday, October 31, 2011

We are still alive!

Hi anyone who hasn't giving up on us. Life is so hectic, and I have been terrible about keeping our friends up to date! Maire is growing like a weed. Can't believe our first Halloween as a family has come and gone! Enjoy the pictures!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


It bears repeating..."Whoa!" I cannot begin to tell you how hectic this summer was; road trips, beach trips, dr trips, birthday parties, Y camp, a new classroom for mommy, weddings, recitals, college classes, crazy crazy busy. I'll spare you the details and just say I hope to be back more regularly now that we have a schedule again. I am full time in the classroom now, and Maire starts her first day of pre k on Monday (they have no idea what they're in for!). Jack and Jude started 4th & 1st on Wednesday. Of course, Jack developed a fever and missed the next two days! Maire has ups and downs but has made herself home with us. She follows those 2 boys anywhere! She adores Jack (the feeling is mutual) and tolerates Jude. Jude has no idea he is not her favorite and treats her like a princess most all of the time. His favorite thing to do: "beep her nose". Which consists of his pointer finger poking her button nose while saying "beep, beep". She thinks it strange and rarely laughs, but always lets him do it.

She still refrains from using any language, but we have heard a few words over the last week. We are hoping that some immersion in a classroom of peers will help her find her voice! She struggles at night to sleep soundly, waking about 5-6 times, but sails through the day like a bird on the wind. She is not the little girl we met 7 months ago--she is finally finding her personality and boy is it spicy!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Help Bring The Woods' Girls HOME

Hi friends & family, you know I have a heart in love with Haitian children. My friend Holly Wood just passed one of the final hurdles to bring home their daughters from Haiti! Please find it in your hearts and checkbook to help out if possible. Adoption (as most of us know) is so very expensive, but I have been to Haiti and I see that these children have no future. Money should not be a factor in providing a life for these children---but it is. Please give and please pray!!

My Haitian Girls

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

nothing to say...?

Hi all, it is not that I don't have anything to say...I have TOO much to say! We are approaching 6 months of celebrating Maire coming home. But our year has had some high highs and low lows--not ready to put them in words right now. In a nutshell, Maire's motor skills continue to improve in leaps and bounds, but her speech is lagging. She had an MRI and all looks great. Jude turns a year older on Thursday and is all boy! Jack took tennis and golf and loved them both.

Maire celebrated her first 4th of July yesterday, and pretty much loved every minute of it--swimming, playing outside, fireworks, food--all the good stuff! Enjoy some pics.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Torture by sprinkler...


We call this the "shrek hair"

Jude break dancing at the Saline County Bar B Que!

Monday, May 2, 2011


The children and I will head to Maine tomorrow to be with Andy and his family to celebrate his father's life! Many are asking what they can do to help out, so we have set up a chip in for those wishing to give a donation. We have a few organizations that we will be be making donations to: Love Without Boundaries and North Harbor Church. We may also use the funds to help offset the daily living expenses incurred by the family during the next few weeks. Mostly, we ask that you remember Rich's family in your prayers. The future will be full of many difficult days, but with your prayers and our faith, we know we will find peace. Thank you.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Giving advice, comfort and protection...

*footnote* I wrote this Father's Day 2009 and reposted last year, too. But it can't wait till this Father's Day this year. In the year's since becoming a mother, I can honestly say my love for these men has grown-my respect for them, immeasurable. It is with broken hearts that we tell you Andy's Dad lost his battle with cancer yesterday. We have been blessed by knowing him, and we will always have a rip in our hearts. But we also know that Pop never doubted his worth to us. And we never doubt how much we meant to him. Thank you Pop. Thank you.*

"Today we celebrate our fathers. If you know my father, you know what an amazing man he is. I can always depend on him for anything. He is the hardest worker I know and instilled in me the drive to succeed, but always do the right thing. He loves my children without limits. He is the one that I base most of my decisions on! Would Dad think this a good idea? Would Dad be proud or disappointed? What will Dad say? Does that mean I always do the right thing...I think not! But, none the less, my Father is a great example to live life by. And for him, I will be eternally grateful. I love you Dad.

Andy's Father--I absolutely enjoy Andy's father to no end. He is the funniest, most down to earth man I know. I am so lucky to have fabulous in laws! I mean that with my whole heart. Pop (the boys call him Pop, so know we all call him Pop!) can truly take lemons and make them lemonade. My boys are constantly entertained when Pop is around..wrestling matches, tickle torture, combat hide-n-seek (this is my favorite!). Pop is honest and good. I am always smiling when he is around! I tease Andy sometimes by calling him "Rich"-- I see so many of Pop's mannerism in Andy and they only increase as time goes on. For the most part though--don't tell Rich I said this--I love seeing the "Pop" side of my husband! I love you Pop!

For my husband, my children's father. I am a better person because of you. Not just a lame lyric from a sappy love song...but the absolute truth. When I place the weight of the world on my shoulders, you remind me to lightened up. When I let the children walk all over me, you remind me to toughen up! To think 13 years ago, when I fell completely head over heels in love with you, that I would still feel that way today. I do.

True, you hate bathing the children and will do most anything to get out it! But I can always count on the dishes being done and the lawn mowed. The trash miraculously appears on the curb every Wednesday morning. The dogs are always fed and walked, without a discouraging word from you. (except maybe that "My" dog is stubborn).

But the most wonderful thing about you is your ability to walk through this world and never conform to someone you're not. I wish I was that strong. I have spent 10 years trying to find who I really am. And you have always known me better than I know myself. You bring humor into my life everyday. I still get butterflies when I see you in a pair of jeans and a faded foo fighters t shirt (mine, by the way!). Your slightly crooked smile, your amazing brown eyes. I would be so bored with out you, my dear.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Taking the Bad

Many of you are probably wondering what happened to the ongoing series detailing our journey in China to adopt Maire. The time has come for an explanation.

Our year started off with the grandest of blessings when we were finally united with our daughter, Maire. Needless to say, going from a four person (and two dog) family to a five person family added a lot of stress and grabbed a lot of attention away from writing projects, but I was earnestly attempting to chug through it all. Then, we received some bad news that took my attention away from telling our story all together.

At the end of February, my father visited the doctor for a CAT scan. He’d been feeling unwell since last summer and had been visiting doctors since July trying to figure out what the problem was. They thought it was related to his asthma, since it pretty much seemed to be just his breathing that was affected. They took an x-ray that revealed nothing out of the ordinary. They tried switching his asthma medicine, nothing doing.

Then in December he caught a cold that he couldn’t shake. The doctors stepped up their investigation with a video probe of his throat that again revealed no irregularities. So, finally the CT scan. That revealed tumors that looked cancerous on his kidney, lung, and liver. He was eventually diagnosed with kidney cancer.

At that point in time, he was still feeling rather well, except for his breathing problems. He was skiing on the weekends, working daily, and doing everything he had always done. He was as bright and vibrant as ever on the outside. He was most likely feeling a little worse inside than he was letting on, but with all his activity, he still appeared near the pinnacle of health.

He moved quickly into the process of managing his illness and working toward a treatment that would be effective in fighting off the cancer. Had it only been on his kidney, the solution would’ve been simple and easily treatable, but that was not the case. The doctors were still very optimistic, however.

Unfortunately, just as he started his cancer treatments, he had a surprising setback in his health. Near the end of March, the pain caused by the damage the cancer cells had done landed a debilitating blow. He proceeded with the cancer treatment, but his turn was so dramatic that he went from skiing one weekend to barely functioning just two weeks later. That was when I first visited Maine this year.

I went out on March 26th. My mother was worried the end had come. I needed to see my father before the worst happened. I hadn’t mentioned what was going on to many of my friends and acquaintances because it was all so sudden. I didn’t know what to say through our shock.

When I was home during that last week in March. It appeared our worries might have been premature. After my arrival, my dad bounced back from his low point. It appeared as if the cancer treatment might already be having an effect. My mom didn’t know what to think. She had been very scared and prepared herself for the worst. Now, he was beginning to act and even look a little like his old self again.

I had seen him on his best days since the setback. I wasn’t willing to proclaim my mother’s worries as premature, but I was willing to hope that maybe he’d turned a corner that could lead to recovery.

I returned to my family in Missouri. We were still in the midst of a major transition with the addition of our Chinese surprise. I guess she wasn’t really much of a surprise, but everything we were going through with her was. Maire's own medical history is such a mystery that we’re having to learn much about her by trial and error.

One error we made was taking her off her anti-seizure medicine. We woke up one Friday morning in April to find her having a seizure; just days after we’d stopped her meds. We spent a harried day in hospitals and ambulances to learn not much of anything. One questionable neurologist chalked it up to febrile seizure with not much use in terms of treatment and a request that we get an MRI. Our pediatrician was a little more concerned to hear exactly what had happened and felt that, although the seizure was accompanied by a fever and she herself was not a neurologist, it did not sound like a febrile seizure to her. We were happy to put her back on the anti-seizure medicine.

Many of her physical behaviors have improved since we put her back on her meds. We may be looking at some form of epilepsy, but at least we’re treating it and working toward finding out more. She has an MRI scheduled within the next few weeks and we have physical, occupational, and speech tests in store for her this week so we can get her going on any therapy she may need to get up to speed with where she should be at this point.

Meanwhile, my mother and father were visited by a parade of family members and friends. This may have been a little overwhelming for my mother, but it helped with dad’s spirits.

Not long after I left, however, dad’s progress slowed and soon he was having trouble managing his pain. The pain medication and the tumors were causing a bowl obstruction that had to be cleared before any progress could occur with his cancer treatment. They took him off his cancer pills and he was admitted to the hospital. The obstruction was cleared and once again he began to bounce back.

He stayed in the hospital until they could work out a better pain management program. He was released back to home care and they made an appointment with the oncologist to work out a new cancer treatment that would work with his pain management.

The day of the appointment Dad had another very bad day after a few days of getting progressively worse again. It was agreed between my father, mother and the doctor at that time that dad would enter Hospice service. For those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of going through this with a family member, Hospice care is begun when a patient has six months or less to live. In dad’s case, they could not find an effective pain management course in time to begin an effective cancer treatment before the cancer had done too much damage to his system. The goal of Hospice is to make the patient as comfortable as possible until death. Treatment of any disease is abandoned at this point and all ongoing treatments are designed purely for comforting the patient. This would be done at home for environmental comfort.

At first my dad was still outwardly optimistic when agreeing to Hospice. He told me, if he should turn around, he could try the cancer treatment again. But, Hospice is not designed to turn the patient around. This was a bad sign.

My dad was still able to move around with a walker at this point and he enjoyed his granddaughter Clare’s third birthday party on Saturday, April 16. By Friday he needed assistance to get up and down and he lost much of his ability to communicate.  He can still comprehend everything but has trouble getting any words out to express what he’s thinking.

It seemed the end was nearing rapidly. I decided to leave my family in Missouri so I could be by my mother’s side during this trying time. She was doing most of the care work herself, and despite my brother’s commendable efforts in assistance, she needed someone else in the house with her.  Staying in 24/7 is easier for someone who lives a long way away than for someone who just lives across town.

My mom tried to tell me not to come because my family needed me. They do. But, right now we felt my mother needed me more. I didn’t want him to go while mom was alone, and I didn’t want him to go without being there.

The flight from Kansas City to Boston on Sunday was quick and eventless. My good friend since grade school, David Russell, came down to get me from Logan Airport. I arrived home to for the second time this year to a broken father and a mother whose relief that she wasn’t going to be alone this week was visible.

This is hard to write, but writing is often cleansing to me and this is easier than having to explain it to everyone individually. The speed of his decline has been a shock to anyone who knew him. It’s difficult to comprehend. I can’t help anyone do that any better than I can myself.

My father is dying. I’m sorry I haven’t opened up about that earlier. I know you all feel so sorry for my family and me. But, that’s not why I’ve written this. I wrote this because my father has affected anyone who ever knew him. He’s the most likable man I know, and I know many of you will want to know what happened.

He doesn’t have much time left. I wanted to get this out before it was over to perhaps lessen the blow for people who may not have heard anything about this until now.

This is my family blog, and it’s supposed to be about everything, not just the good. When we’ve gotten through this, I intend to continue to chronicle our journey to Maire. Like so many choices we make during times like these, I wonder if posting this is the right thing. Since you’ve got to take the good with the bad, I think it is.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

What a week...

Ok folks, this is just a quick update. Maire did indeed have a seizure on Friday morning (if you have not heard). We took her to the ER, then they transported her to Children's Mercy in the city. After numerous poking, prodding, testing, EEG, blood work, etc....they decided it was a fever induced seizure. She recovered by late Friday night and we were able to return home, which was best for everyone---certainly Maire. Sleeping in her own bed was the only way we were going to get Maire to settle down and sleep after a very long and exhausting day.

She has struggled with her balance most of today, but has finally been able to walk without falling down. She is battling a nasty cold, and is very irritated by it, but overall she is doing great. We have an MRI scheduled for next week, so we are hoping that everything turns out fine.

In another update, Andy's father has rallied and is feeling much better. The beginning of this week, we prayed that God would let Rich stay with us, and He has done just that. We are so thankful for Rich's doctors, and for God's protection.

Lastly, we pray for my (Angie's) family as they struggle with the loss of a very wonderful family member. My cousin passed away suddenly on Tuesday, and our hearts break for her family left to deal with this tragedy. It had been too long since I had visited with her, and for that I'm very upset with myself. She will be missed...

Needless to say this week has been full of very low lows and very high highs. A roller coaster to say the least. I have asked Satan to leave our lives. I have officially "kicked him out"! Let's hope he stays out!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Maire and Ang had some fun while dad was away.

Friday, March 18, 2011

From China With Love

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Too tired to write! Maire reached many milestones today alone. She jumped on the trampoline for the first time and LOVED it! She swung on the swing for the first time and LOVED it! She climbed up the slide and LOVED it! She slid down the slide...not so much love! But the biggest--she can stand up from sitting herself! Love this girl!

Marching right along

It seems like only a few days ago, Maire was put in our arm. Yet, here it is March already and time keeps on ticking! My nephew fell last week and broke his leg, my mother had knee surgery, and I was offered a job---all in the last 7 days! Needless to say it has been busy. I applied for this job prior to our trip to China, but it wasn't until last week that I learned the position was open again. It is a great job (30 hrs with benefits) the best of both worlds. My job is not in the education field, but it is a great job and I know I'll like it! Receptionist at a wellness and weight clinic. I start Monday. I will be continuing my education to get my teaching certificate, but can't afford college full time, so I'll keep plugging away, one class at a time!

Maire will be going to daycare. Three months ago, this thought would have sent me into a tizzy-but the truth is, this is going to be good for her. She gets so bored at home, and interacting with other children her age is something that will do her good. My neighbor has a daycare, so she won't be going far! We are excited to see how being with other kids her age will stimulate her speech and "playing" skills.

We've had several "Welcome Home" showers! Maire received lots of goodies, confirming the fact that she is spoiled! Here are a few pictures!

Maire is NOT happy that I made her sit down!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Partners in Crime

Jude and Maire might be the two that fight the most, but they are also the two I best keep an eye on... proof in pictures!

The paprika was later found in the laundry basket! (See picture below)

Don't worry, Hoagie's got it under control.

Maire's favorite mode of transportation, scootching on her bottom with Jude pulling her along!
Jude loves to help with laundry.

Maire isn't a big fan of bath time, but she tolerates it. However, she insisted on getting in the tub with Jude tonight. She was getting in with her clothes & shoes on! They had a ball.

Can't you control those 2 mom! Just let me out of here and I can do it!

Friday, February 25, 2011

a lot of white!

5 inches of snow on the ground this morning! The good news is we still had school! We have missed so many days for snow, so I'm glad we didn't add another one! We did have to reschedule Maire's blood work today-not worth risking the drive.

Maire in her new coat from Grandma, snow boots & her footed pj's! Going with Mommy to take the boys to school!

I snapped some pictures of the winter white landscaped, and after school, we treated the kids to Dairy Queen!

The princess meets the Queen for the first time---she is in love!

Ok, I need to explain this one below. Well, I actually don't have an explanation. Maire was so tired when I snapped this picture. She was wandering around aimlessly. I had just changed her diaper (so I'm guessing there was some adjustment needed) and she has recently discovered her tongue, so she is often playing with it. Pretty funny!!

Monday, February 21, 2011

We are sooooo much better!

Today is President's Day and we are enjoying our day off in high style, cleaning house and watching Dairy of a Wimpy Kid (which is pretty gross and not sure I made the right choice to let them watch it after all!) Maire laid down for nap with no protesting! Yea!

To earn TV time, Jude folded socks for me.

I cleared my schedule and was able to cut Andy's hair yesterday. He no longer resembles Grizzly Adams.

Andy and Maire headed out to get groceries and little Miss Rainbow Bright could hardly wait!

Jack is spending lots of time catching up on his homework missed from last week. He isn't putting up too much of a fight, which is nice! Hope your household is able to fight off the flu, as it is NO fun at all!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

How do you say vomit in Chinese?

In ANY language, it is gross! The flu stinks! Jack was home sick Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with a fever, but no puke! Jude joined him on Wednesday, with a fever of his own. Diagnosis--EAR INFECTIONS. Antibiotics and back to school the next day. But then it happened, Maire woke from her nap on Thursday with a very grouchy look. My sister stopped by to drop my boys off from school just in time to hold my sweetie while she projectile vomited all over the office floor. My sister bailed faster than fast! (But she took my 2 healthy kids with her--she rocks!) The following several hours were plagued with puke, crying and whining (from mom, dad and Maire), hugs, rocking, Tylenol, pedialyte, pop sickles (yummo), 2 calls to the pediatrician, and lots and lots of wash clothes! Poor baby. When she wasn't too upset about her condition, she would fall asleep, only to wake up angry that she had fallen asleep. The up-heaving stopped about 4 hours later, and she was finally able to keep some liquids down. Wet diapers continued (thank God--remember how dehydrated she was only a month ago). She slept like a rock Thursday night. All looked good, as the puking had stopped and no fever ever emerged.
Maire after a purple and green "Hulk" pop sickle. Looking a little "goth".

Friday saw the boys off to school, and Maire and I in the car for the hour trip to the pediatrician's office, just to double check. She whimpered most of the morning till the sun in her eyes and the motion of the car knocked her out! She woke up when we arrived---you guessed it---angry! The visit was fast, but our girl went from angry to angrier. Dr confirmed she was plenty hydrated, but suffering from the flu. We also noted that she finally had developed a fever.

An hour home and back to bed for Maire A Bella. She slept soundly for about 2 hours, in my arms. The boys came home excited about the 3 day weekend. However, the minute I saw my Jude Bug, I knew, his fever was back. Sure enough, 102--this time with nausea. Soon, Daddy was home and relieved Mommy's arms from two sick kiddos who needed some loving.

Jack wandered into "The Hot Zone" to join us for a bit of TV while Jude slept on the couch and Maire in Daddy's arms. We watched "The Gold Rush" with Charlie Chaplin. Jack read the subtitles. Despite the sick kiddos, it was a wonderful Friday night!

Today arrived with a sign or two of the emergence of the Maire we know--smiling and happy. Jude's vomiting seemed to be very limited this morning, and he has managed to hold down lunch and dinner and popcorn (Star Wars movie night with Daddy & Jack---AWESOME). Maire woke from her afternoon nap with a smile...the first we had seen in 2 days. She even decided she could walk by herself. (She had not been sat down for 48 hours--pampered princess!) She toddled around and showed off when her aunt Dawn and uncle Gary visited later in the evening. While the boys enjoyed their movie, Maire and I joined my sister and her family for some Mexican cuisine at a local restaurant. (Maire had the french fries--the first food she had eaten since Thursday!)

She was ready for bed tonight, yet fought it tooth and nail for a good 30 minutes. She is just sure she is missing out on something! But soon, her eyes turned against her, and poof, out like a light.

So, I'm chalking this week up to a "win". Yes, it was a loooooong week, with 2 trips to the pharmacy and 3 to the dr, but once again, it is saturday night, and I find all the loves of my life, happy and healthy and under one roof. And that is why I call it a "win".

Always believing,