Our wonderful life!

If this is your first visit to our site, welcome!  We are a family of four, soon to be five.  We have two amazing kiddos--Bear is 8 and Bug is 4.  We serve the Lord with all of our strength and might!  We started this blog when we started our adoption journey!  It is to keep family and friends up to date on the process, as well as the adventures of our growing boys!

We submitted our paperwork for Bee (from China) in October of 2007 (a very long time ago!)   The wait grew and grew, so we decided to look at a new program, Burundi Africa.  We did not withdraw from China, but felt drawn to the African program.  We applied to adopt Baby from Burundi in July of 2008.  However, things do not go as planned and withdrew from Burundi in February of 2010.  We mourned the "loss" of our Baby Burundi, and decided to continue the long wait for Bee from China.  However, God had other plans!  Within 2 weeks, we had been given the file of a sweet little girl currently on the China waiting list. 

On April 28 we submitted our Letter of Intent to adopt.  10 days later we had "pre approval" from the Chinese government.  9 days after that, we had the formal Letter of Approval from China.  It was signed and returned on June 1.  We currently are waiting for the government to send us our Travel Approval-this is the invite to come to China to get our girl!  We have been shown the path by our Lord and know that we are doing exactly as He asked.

We are frantically working on the final fundraising efforts to her home!  Our boys are ecstatic (as are Mommy & Daddy).  Thank you for visiting & continue to stop by for updates on all of our adventures!