Thursday, July 22, 2010

No I haven't been in China!

Found myself down and out for a few days with a herniated disk. But after one visit to the physical therapist and about 100 prayers, I am at 100%! I knew God would heal me, and he did!

I had hoped Maire would be in our arms by now, but we are still waiting for our USCIS paperwork update. I will wait 10 more minutes then make my daily call to my officer for a status update! We have already sent in Maire's I-800 request and Visa paperwork, so we are moving in the right direction! I got a new picture of my sweet girl, but it came in a pdf and cannot for the life of me figure out how to get it to a jpg-but I can tell you, this child has the cutest dimple right in the middle of her chin! I just love it! And she looks like she's put on a pound or two in foster care, which is FANTASTIC!
Please pray for God to prepare her heart for this difficult journey in her future. As the end of July approaches, I must switch my thinking cap to "First day of school". Jude turned 5 this summer (see pics) and starts Kindergarten on August 18. I am praying to be here for the first day of school for the boys! I really don't want to miss it. For Jude's birthday he got a brand new Star Wars backpack and lunchbox. He put it on eagerly and has not taken it off since (I had to peel it off of him while he slept one night!) At his party, I watched him put it on the first time...and I cried. He isn't a baby anymore--a big boy. My mom and sisters saw me, understood, and teared up, too. My husband, brother in law, and Dad looked at me like I was crazy!

So, I start collecting the school supply list, getting out the uniforms and figure out what fits who and what doesn't fit and what pants need to be hemmed for Jude or patched for Jack. What shirts are salvageable and what shirts should now be used for cleaning cloths! School shoes, school shots (yikes), school haircuts, school school school!

Gotta get it all worked out, so I'm not leaving my parents in a lurch when TA comes. I am trying to plan ahead, but I know me, and I will still be running around like a crazy women when the time comes!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Maire's Quilt

We anxiously wait for our CIS paperwork update--hopefully only another week! Then we will finally get our TRAVEL APPROVAL. Please sign Maire's Quilt! It is a great way to send her a message she will keep forever! Thank you friends and keep us in your prayers! I am battling a herniated disk, but know that by travel time, God will have healed me 100%.

My Hundred Good Wishes Page

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mercy of the morning

Every morning His mercies endure. I awoke this morning at 6:15 and headed down for my cup o' joe. Now those who know me must have thought something terrible was wrong considering I DON'T do mornings! But today was my volunteer day at the Farmer's Market on our town square. I took 15 minutes to spend with God, asking for patience, guidance, and forgiveness (I was still very angry with my agency). And once again, He provided! The morning was absolutely beautiful, the company at the market was superior, I met a family with 2 girls from China who shared so many wonderful stories and advice, sold some Maire Z Doats bags, participated in an impromptu street band (just played the wind chimes!), captured some "Norman Rockwell" images on my Nikon 5000, shared a plate of homemade snickerdoodles with my boys (for breakfast!) and came home and decorated the front porch for the 4th! All before noon!! (then I took a nap) Unfortunately, after my nap, I wasn't feeling so great and am still fighting something...not sure what though. This first indication that I will be getting sick is the fever blister slowly appearing on my lower lip. Seriously, is there anything more awful than a fever blister right smack dab on your face?!? Plus, it kills when I eat potato chips...and I LOVE potato chips. The horror of it all! But I will not let that get me down!

I feel so much better today than yesterday, and I believe this delay has happened for a very good reason. I have no doubt. In time, we will know why, but for now, I will take this additional time to better prepare to meet my girl! And nurse my lip back to its normal size and color! In the meantime, we would love for you to visit Maire's online quilt (link below). You can write a message on the quilt that will serve as a keepsake for Maire, plus help us raise the remaining funds for travel. Check it out! And don't forget, Maire Z Doats (debating a name change to Maire Z Totes--hubby's idea) are still available, special order! Thanks, and keep sweet Maire in your prayers!

Friday, July 2, 2010

The unknown

"Houston, we have a problem." Well a hiccup, really. We just learned of a paperwork adjustment that needs to be made before we can get our travel approval. Unfortunately, this information only came to us today (despite the fact that our agency has known for a few weeks--but that is for another day). So the "any day now" has morphed into another 4-6 weeks. So the last 4 weeks of "waiting" for our Travel Approval...well, we weren't really waiting for anything.

Not only am I upset that this is going to interfere with school (I have to be back in the classroom on August 15 and Jude's first day of Kindergarten is August 18), but I am heartbroken--My Maire is stuck for another month--I am missing ONE MORE MONTH of her life. I'm trying to look at the bright side, but am having trouble visioning it right now! Perhaps it will look better in the morning? Doubt it...