Saturday, July 3, 2010

Mercy of the morning

Every morning His mercies endure. I awoke this morning at 6:15 and headed down for my cup o' joe. Now those who know me must have thought something terrible was wrong considering I DON'T do mornings! But today was my volunteer day at the Farmer's Market on our town square. I took 15 minutes to spend with God, asking for patience, guidance, and forgiveness (I was still very angry with my agency). And once again, He provided! The morning was absolutely beautiful, the company at the market was superior, I met a family with 2 girls from China who shared so many wonderful stories and advice, sold some Maire Z Doats bags, participated in an impromptu street band (just played the wind chimes!), captured some "Norman Rockwell" images on my Nikon 5000, shared a plate of homemade snickerdoodles with my boys (for breakfast!) and came home and decorated the front porch for the 4th! All before noon!! (then I took a nap) Unfortunately, after my nap, I wasn't feeling so great and am still fighting something...not sure what though. This first indication that I will be getting sick is the fever blister slowly appearing on my lower lip. Seriously, is there anything more awful than a fever blister right smack dab on your face?!? Plus, it kills when I eat potato chips...and I LOVE potato chips. The horror of it all! But I will not let that get me down!

I feel so much better today than yesterday, and I believe this delay has happened for a very good reason. I have no doubt. In time, we will know why, but for now, I will take this additional time to better prepare to meet my girl! And nurse my lip back to its normal size and color! In the meantime, we would love for you to visit Maire's online quilt (link below). You can write a message on the quilt that will serve as a keepsake for Maire, plus help us raise the remaining funds for travel. Check it out! And don't forget, Maire Z Doats (debating a name change to Maire Z Totes--hubby's idea) are still available, special order! Thanks, and keep sweet Maire in your prayers!

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