Sunday, February 27, 2011

Partners in Crime

Jude and Maire might be the two that fight the most, but they are also the two I best keep an eye on... proof in pictures!

The paprika was later found in the laundry basket! (See picture below)

Don't worry, Hoagie's got it under control.

Maire's favorite mode of transportation, scootching on her bottom with Jude pulling her along!
Jude loves to help with laundry.

Maire isn't a big fan of bath time, but she tolerates it. However, she insisted on getting in the tub with Jude tonight. She was getting in with her clothes & shoes on! They had a ball.

Can't you control those 2 mom! Just let me out of here and I can do it!


Jimh. said...

That girl is so beautiful! Her hair is getting longer! It's awesome!

I love that those two are getting into mischief together! Jude looks like he might be figuring out more ways of causing trouble. You have awesome kids!

And the photography is pretty good, too! (Andy took them, right? :-) )

The Wells Family said...

Thanks Jim. I told Andy just today, she gets more stunning every day! Is that possible?!? Jude loves having someone to "encourage". Yes, "Andy" loves taking random pictures of the great outdoors!

Jill and Rick said...

Oh boy, all I could think when I saw the pictures was "double trouble" (but in a good way, right?)

So cute!