Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our funny valentine

Enjoy our sweet girl :) She is just sunshine everyday!

Squeaky shoes!!

Posing with the poster her brothers made for her!!

This is Maire's tell-tell sign that she is ready for bed! Wrist to the mouth!

A video of our girl!!


Amy said...

Love the video! How happy and cute Maire is. It makes me so thrilled to think she has a Mom, Dad, two brothers, and lots more family that love her so much!

Nicole said...


Wow, did you see that kitchen?! Haha - looks like mine and I have all the time in the world to clean, just don't want to!


Melissa said...

Kitchen - normal.
Photos - adorable.
Video - miraculous.

Thank you.

Jimh. said...

I DIDN'T SEE A VIDEO!!!! Where was that?

She is SPICY! We miss her here!

oh, and maybe...


just a little...

we miss her parents, too.

Jimh. said...

OK, I had to refresh! I got the video. We were watching it while Chloe was taking a bottle...she had to stop drinking so she could watch her Maire! It was really cute!

And I can't believe that speed demon!! She is doing awesome!

Myra said...

I found your blog on Cora's site!!! YEAH! Maire looks soooo GREAT! I enjoyed catching up today!! Isn't amazing what these kids accomplish once home!!! I'll be keeping up with you guys now ;)