Monday, February 21, 2011

We are sooooo much better!

Today is President's Day and we are enjoying our day off in high style, cleaning house and watching Dairy of a Wimpy Kid (which is pretty gross and not sure I made the right choice to let them watch it after all!) Maire laid down for nap with no protesting! Yea!

To earn TV time, Jude folded socks for me.

I cleared my schedule and was able to cut Andy's hair yesterday. He no longer resembles Grizzly Adams.

Andy and Maire headed out to get groceries and little Miss Rainbow Bright could hardly wait!

Jack is spending lots of time catching up on his homework missed from last week. He isn't putting up too much of a fight, which is nice! Hope your household is able to fight off the flu, as it is NO fun at all!


Myra said...

glad to hear things are on the mend...that is the WORST! I hope sweet Maire is back to herself very quickly! Good luck!

Rachel said...

Thanks for stopping by! Maire is just gorgeous! I am so glad that you all are feeling better! Hopefully you guys can all get some rest and into a good routine soon.