Saturday, February 19, 2011

How do you say vomit in Chinese?

In ANY language, it is gross! The flu stinks! Jack was home sick Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday with a fever, but no puke! Jude joined him on Wednesday, with a fever of his own. Diagnosis--EAR INFECTIONS. Antibiotics and back to school the next day. But then it happened, Maire woke from her nap on Thursday with a very grouchy look. My sister stopped by to drop my boys off from school just in time to hold my sweetie while she projectile vomited all over the office floor. My sister bailed faster than fast! (But she took my 2 healthy kids with her--she rocks!) The following several hours were plagued with puke, crying and whining (from mom, dad and Maire), hugs, rocking, Tylenol, pedialyte, pop sickles (yummo), 2 calls to the pediatrician, and lots and lots of wash clothes! Poor baby. When she wasn't too upset about her condition, she would fall asleep, only to wake up angry that she had fallen asleep. The up-heaving stopped about 4 hours later, and she was finally able to keep some liquids down. Wet diapers continued (thank God--remember how dehydrated she was only a month ago). She slept like a rock Thursday night. All looked good, as the puking had stopped and no fever ever emerged.
Maire after a purple and green "Hulk" pop sickle. Looking a little "goth".

Friday saw the boys off to school, and Maire and I in the car for the hour trip to the pediatrician's office, just to double check. She whimpered most of the morning till the sun in her eyes and the motion of the car knocked her out! She woke up when we arrived---you guessed it---angry! The visit was fast, but our girl went from angry to angrier. Dr confirmed she was plenty hydrated, but suffering from the flu. We also noted that she finally had developed a fever.

An hour home and back to bed for Maire A Bella. She slept soundly for about 2 hours, in my arms. The boys came home excited about the 3 day weekend. However, the minute I saw my Jude Bug, I knew, his fever was back. Sure enough, 102--this time with nausea. Soon, Daddy was home and relieved Mommy's arms from two sick kiddos who needed some loving.

Jack wandered into "The Hot Zone" to join us for a bit of TV while Jude slept on the couch and Maire in Daddy's arms. We watched "The Gold Rush" with Charlie Chaplin. Jack read the subtitles. Despite the sick kiddos, it was a wonderful Friday night!

Today arrived with a sign or two of the emergence of the Maire we know--smiling and happy. Jude's vomiting seemed to be very limited this morning, and he has managed to hold down lunch and dinner and popcorn (Star Wars movie night with Daddy & Jack---AWESOME). Maire woke from her afternoon nap with a smile...the first we had seen in 2 days. She even decided she could walk by herself. (She had not been sat down for 48 hours--pampered princess!) She toddled around and showed off when her aunt Dawn and uncle Gary visited later in the evening. While the boys enjoyed their movie, Maire and I joined my sister and her family for some Mexican cuisine at a local restaurant. (Maire had the french fries--the first food she had eaten since Thursday!)

She was ready for bed tonight, yet fought it tooth and nail for a good 30 minutes. She is just sure she is missing out on something! But soon, her eyes turned against her, and poof, out like a light.

So, I'm chalking this week up to a "win". Yes, it was a loooooong week, with 2 trips to the pharmacy and 3 to the dr, but once again, it is saturday night, and I find all the loves of my life, happy and healthy and under one roof. And that is why I call it a "win".

Always believing,


Paige said...

Eeeh gads that sure has been quite the week!!! Let's just hope mama and baba don't cave and get the bug themselves. Praying for a complete recovery for everyone. How great for Maire to learn your role as nurtured in her time of need. We can't get over how genuine her smile is in the valentine's pictures. Absolutely precious.

Jimh. said...

SOOO Glad My Maire is back to eating French Fries!!! I should send a "Get Well Fry Basket!" Unfortunately, only Idaho enjoys that kind of awesomeness!

Glad you survived! We may be facing our own crisis!

Amy said...

Sounds like a rough rough week. I am so glad Maire has you both now when she is sick.

Andrew D. Wells said...

I just want to put a hair disclaimer in here. Yes, my hair these pictures does a good job dramatizing just how stressful a houseful of sick can be, but this is not how I choose to look. My hair cut had been put on hold all week due to the week of sick. Don't worry, though. The mop has finally been shaved at the #3 setting and all is well again. Oh dear, I hope my hair wasn't the cause of all that sick.