Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Month with Maire

I cannot believe it. One month with our sweet girl. She has impressed us with her ability to adjust to this huge life change! She has amazed us with her ability to learn. But mostly, she has wrapped us all around her little finger. Her laugh and smile might just change the world one day. It has changed ours for sure!

We worked on our valentine cards and cookies this weekend. The boys worked diligently at the kitchen table, while Maire experimented with crayons in her high chair. I started the cookies in the kitchen and returned to find Jude sans shirt. (Note that the shirt is a Christmas shirt he dug out of the tupperware I had packed up for storage. That was a battle in itself. You can see who won.) WTH?!?

"Jude, where is your shirt?"

His response "I took it off, duh."

Pretty sure my right eye twitched, and I might have growled under my breath. Do I address his "stripping at the kitchen table" or do I address the "duh"? Pick your battles, right. "Jude honey, don't say "duh" to people. It's rude." And because I just can't leave well enough alone, I throw in, "And try to remain dressed when at all possible." Big smile from Jude..."Ok". I love that kid.

Jackson continues to show us his age. He is nine and an amazing big brother, so responsible-so trust worthy. He is quite impressive...I am in awe of him. He has stepped up these last 2 weeks in ways I would have never imagined. He has said at least 100 times "can I do anything to help you?". He has entertained Maire on numerous occasions. He hugs her spontaneously (which she is still not too sure about). He hands her toys and things he thinks she would like. I think my favorite thing though, he loves to lean over her crib and talk to her in the mornings. And she babbles back at him. Did I mention how amazing he is?!?


Jimh. said...

AWESOME BLOG!! Miss you guys!! And, you have awesome kids...DUHHHH!!!!

Cora said...

I actually believe he ate Santa's cookies and Santa was Ok with that because he is so adorable.

Thanks for the pictures I need them like crack, in a good way :)

Nicole said...

Ha - Jude without a shirt doesn't surprise me at all! He is a funny one!

Amy said...

I love that Jack is such an awesome big brother. Nine year olds are the best!

Melissa said...

A month? Really? What a difference a month makes! Thanks for the pics!