Wednesday, June 23, 2010

More fundraising!

As we get closer and closer to our travel date (at least we think we are getting closer!), we continue to focus our efforts on fundraising! We have received tremendous financial support from friends and family over the last months. In particular, an amazing donation that really helped ease the stress of Maire's orphanage donation! Thank you my "anonymous" friend!!

I am working on another garage sell with lots of goodies being donated by friends & family. But I am also trying my hand at sewing! I have always loved the idea of sewing and even received a sewing machine for Christmas! I had lots of GRAND outfits for Maire. Shorts for the boys--maybe even some Halloween costumes. but I'll have to work up to those things!

I came up with this fundraiser idea one night while putting Bear's tooth in a Ziploc baggie. "I need a bag that is just for his teeth. Put it under his pillow & the tooth fairy exchanges it for a bit o' money!" (yes, I'm one of the parents that perpetuates the lies...) It turned out so cute, that I made lots of more, and passed them out to friends. Then someone says "You should sell these as a fundraiser for Maire on your website!" So here they are!!

Maire Z Doats Bags can fit coins, teeth, lock of hair, 8 crayons, lip gloss & lots of other small items for your little one. Use it as their own "handbag" or for precious keepsakes. With your choice of materials...either Girls Rock (black/pink), Sassafras (brown/aqua), Chickadee (yellow/blue), Cowboy Up (red/black cow spots) there should be one your little one will love! *I am currently looking for more boy material and will post options soon.

The small bag is $5.00 and shipping adds $2.00, but I will gladly combine shipping if you order more than one bag. I make the bags when your order them, so give me a couple of days notice. If you have a need for one right away, just let me know and I will do my best to get it to you when you need it! All of the proceeds from the bags go to my sweet Maire Bear's journey home. I hope to continue to sell them after her arrival and donate the proceeds to other adoptive families. Please spread the word!! Help me bring Maire home!

Choose from the following styles:

Girls Rock
Cowboy Up

Fabric Choice

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The Wells Family said...

Thank you Toni & Kelly for your orders! I had so much fun working on the bags today! The "cowboy up" turned out so cute! I think it is my favorite!!