Sunday, June 13, 2010

Family Fun Day Success!

Hi all! Just a quick update for those reading. The family fun day yesterday was a great success. We made about 1/2 of our goal of $1000. Considering the weather was NOT cooperative, I am thrilled that we had such a great turnout!! We had so much fun, despite the rain!

We also received a HUGE contribution towards Maire's orphanage donation earlier in the week. An amazing gift that we could have never dreamed possible! My final projections have us only a few donations away from our final goal!

I cannot wait to tell Maire the story of how God loved her from the minute she was conceived. God knew her exact path. He knew the people who would be most instrumental in getting her home. He knew from the beginning...

We will forever be grateful for their contribution---for everyone's contributions-- to help bring Maire home! As my friend said to me..."This experience only strengthens my faith in God!"

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