Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I miss all of my kids!!

Tonight I am sad...I miss all of my kids! My 2 boys are having a blast in Maine, and my sweet Maire waits for me across the sea. Remind me of this post in 2 months time when I am pulling out my hair because I have 2 wild and crazy boys barreling through my house and my terrified baby girl (who speaks no English) watches the chaos with hesitation and fear as the barking corgis race frantically trying to catch the 2 running boys...could be interesting! As for right now...I cannot wait for the circus to begin!

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Faye said...

Hi Angie!
I found your blog on the AAO yahoo group. We adopted our first daughter through AAO in 2005. She is wonderful! We have very high regards for the fine folks at AAO. We're currently in the process of adopting a son, who also turned 2 in December :)
Nice to meet you and best of luck!