Sunday, May 30, 2010

Preparing for Maire

So, I hit up 3 garage sales this weekend and got Maire some wonderful PINK stuff! (Remember, I have 2 boys!!) Lots of play clothes, some great never worn dresses & shoes, a new umbrella stroller, and Jude selected some fuzzy pink slippers for her. Possible they are way too small, but it was too sweet of Jude to choose them. He had one dollar. He spent .50 cents on a stuffed bear he named punky, and the other .50 cents on these slippers for Maire. I love that boy!

In my haste to materially prepared for Maire, I need to remember-I know I will never abandon this child. I know she can trust me to the ends of the earth and back. I know she will be ok. But she doesn't...and she won't for a long time. I need to prepare MYSELF for this long journey. I have no doubt God is preparing Maire for this huge transition. Now I need to ask Him to prepare me! Prepare OUR family. So I am doing that now. Please join in this prayer for Maire and our family as this amazing journey unfolds before our eyes. I cannot thank you enough!

Love the Wells'

"Dear Lord, on the day of Maire's conception, you knew she was created for us. Lord, we pray that your spirit return to that blessed day and heal all of her wounds--mental, physical, emotional. We pray that the beautiful heart created by you for Maire will be prepared for this amazing and emotional journey. Hold her safely during this transition. I know that her soul and mine (ours) are intertwined-may she feel our love and know we are Hers. God bless Maire.

Please prepare the hearts of our boys for this new blessing, as well. They may not always feel it IS a blessing, so give them patience and understanding as they learn to share Mommy & Daddy with this stranger from overseas.

Lastly, give Andrew and I the courage and the strength to truly understand what God has planned for us and our family. Grant us the ability to "let go" and let God continue to hold the reigns. Give us patience to parent 3 children, the wisdom to prepare them for the world, and guidance in Your word, so they may grow to be Children of God. Remove Satan and the financials fears of this journey from our thoughts so that we may see the goodness of God and the true miracle of Adoption."

We, the sons and daughters of Christ were once orphans. Through love and unimaginable sacrifice, God came to us. As promised in His word, He did not leave us as orphans. Lord, the Creator of adoption, has chosen us to be his Hands. Has he chosen you, too? We cannot change this world by adopting one child, but for one child, we can change the world. Get involved--volunteer, donate, adopt, pray--listen to God. He will tell you where He needs YOU.


Cora said...

It will not always be an easy journey but you will get through it. Enjoy this preparation both materially and spiritually, God is with your family and Maire and will be there when you are all together even when times are tough.
Praying for your family (that includes Maire) always, Cora

Mike and Barb said...

Hello from another Loudi Mom!
Congratulations on your soon-to-be daughther. I'm so happy to see another Loudi girl come home!
We adopted Nina in 2007 (she is "Susu's" best China friend!)
Can't wait to follow your journey to China!

Kristy said...

Angie this was an incredibly beautiful post. God bless all of you.

L>ove and blessings, Kristy