Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winding down....

Now that's quite a broom!

Maire is dressed and ready to go! She loves "going bye bye".

Simply beautiful

"Mom, you are too close to me. I'm trying to walk here!"

Smiling girl!

Today is our Consulate Appointment!! Our 14 days in China is coming to an end in 3 days... Can I tell you how excited I am about that!! I know I should be enjoying my daughter's home country, and I am. But I miss my boys! I am ready to get back to real life. For months (ok, years) this adoption has been weighing on our shoulders--obviously we are thrilled to have Maire in our arms, but so much of the process is frustrating. We are just ready to live our lives as a family of 5!

Maire continues to amaze us with her personality and abilities. She is so smart and already her motor skills have improved 100%. She eats like a champ (not too picky) and sleeps solid for 10 + hours. She laughs and giggles and plays. We love seeing her so happy. She still HATES baths--and I mean HATE. We've tried cool water, hot water, with mom in the tub, with mom OUT of the tub. We've tried toys and bubbles and splashing--nope. She hates baths! But she always smells so wonderful after her bath, and she forgives us pretty quickly! I know one day she will scream when we take her OUT. Until then, we will just suffer through blood curdling screams in another language!


Alyson and Ford said...

Congrats! Have a wonderful journey home!

Alyzabeth's Mommy

Nicole said...

She's too sweet for a bath - she just might melt! :-)

Nicole said...

And she better get used to water so that I can join in on another swim date at Tiff's and play with her in the pool! :-)

Mike and Barb said...

Love the poncho!!!
Wow,hard to believe that you're almost ready to come home!

Cora said...

Ready to go home too, but we will miss you guys so much.

Amy said...

What cute outfits Maire has and I love the smiling girl picture. I never expected to see such big smiles so soon! I don't blame you for missing your boys and wanting to get home.

Melissa said...

I love seeing Maire in such adorable outfits. Her clothes definitely scream, "I have a mommy who loves me and wants me to look cute." She looks like a daughter in these pictures. Goodbye wardrobe of an orphan, hello style! And the smiling picture is probably my favorite so far. Give her an extra squeeze from me today.