Friday, January 21, 2011

Half way!

Well, today marks the 1/2 way mark for our China visit. We left Changsha around noon and are now in Guangzhou. And Guangzhou is GREAT! The weather is so nice and we have a subway (the sandwich shop) right next door! I've already sent Andy after a Turkey Club, chips and a diet coke!

We took the bullet train and it was one of the greatest experiences! We saw such great landscape and rural areas of China, and it was really comfy, too.

Maire still struggles with sadness, but she continues to impress us with her abilities. We introduced her to McDonalds fries today---they were a big hit! Andy is currently holding her hand as she fights to fall asleep. That is really the only time she is truly unhappy---when she is tired and scared to fall asleep. We know that time will help her adjust. Enjoy the pics.



Paige said...

Yeah-LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. The bullet train sounds phenomenal-what a great idea to have taken to Guangzhou! I can only imagine the worry each of these children feels as they fight sleep worrying who will be there when they wake up and just where they might be. We'll pray for her peace and security and praise God as each day a little trust builds that her mama and baba are always there. The pictures are precious. I see this VERY curious girl in each of those pictures. Just wait until the trust comes...she looks ready to explore!! Enjoy the second half of your trip as much as you can and give that baby a hug from us.

Melissa said...

SOOOOO glad you figured out how to post! I am eating up the pics and really enjoyed reading Andy's perspective yesterday. Enjoy Guangzhou! And know we're still thinking and praying for you in Maryland! (Actually, I'm pretty sure Amy and I are probably praying enough for the entire East Coast. :))