Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nervous tummy...!

So we are headed to the airport to fly home from Punta Cana shortly. Then the countdown begins. I have my list of "last minute" things to do prior to our departure tomorrow at noon! Our friends, the Huffmans are in Beijing! We can't wait to join them. We hope to have email access in China. If not, someone will blog for us! !!



Amy said...

Just remember that plastic bags are for nervous tummy and paper for difficulty breathing (ha ha). I actually snagged some airline bags and threw them in my backpack when we headed to China just to make sure I was prepared. I have chronic nervous stomach! Monday is coming soon and I can't wait! Praying for Maire and all of you during this wonderful and highly stressful time.

Melissa said...

Happy travels, my friend!!!!!!!!!!