Sunday, January 30, 2011

We did what?!?

So I sit here in my comfy midwest home, suffering from a bit of jet lag, and it occurs to me: We actually did it. We actually adopted a child! Something Andy and I talked about for years...13 to be exact. So many ups and downs during the process--I'm not sure I truly ever believed it would happen. Like one of those "winning the lottery" moments you fantasize about. Or the dream of being offered the exact job you want. One of those things you play out in your mind, but don't really expect to ever happen. But it did happen. I have proof sleeping in a crib at the foot of my bed. A beautiful sassy little 3 year old with amazing eyes and even a more amazing smile! Life as we know it might never be the same! At least hers won't be. Thank the lord for this small miracle!

A brief recap of the last 28 hours: Hong Kong to Detroit (14 hours in economy seating!), clearing customs, becoming US citizen, flight from Detroit to KC, Hicks family welcome party at airport complete with balloons and signs, Wendy's french fries, 2 hour drive home in a car seat, new house, fuzzy furry thing licking her face constantly, 2 big brothers desperate to help change diapers, put on pjs, sing night night songs--begging for her to sleep in their room--only to change their minds after 2 minutes of screaming--2 beyond lethargic parents who have not slept in 28 hours. Life seems good to me!

Details to come later--but can I say---this child has yet to complain about anything mentioned above! All smiles and laughs from our sweet girl! Welcome home Maire.


Alyson and Ford said...

Welcome home AND Congratulations! It is a wonderful journey for your family! Enjoy the years to come!

Alyzabeth's Mommy
(Forever Family Day 09/16/2008)

Nicole said...

So happy she's finally HOME!

Cora said...

Welcome home, but we miss you already. I hope you got some rest, Jim and Chloe are still sleeping but I finally feel like I can function after 12 hours. I can't believe we did it and our girls are home!!

Love you guys, give Maire and the boys a hug from me,

Kalli said...

Simply Amazing!! So happy for your family and amazed at all you've done! Nice job Mama & Daddy, you are wonderful people and parents!

Paige said...

There is no place like home. Congratulations and just like when you came home with the boys...get that sleep when you can (at least until the jetlag passes) Can't wait to see pictures with boys, girls and furry things licking above stated girl. Welcome home Maire.

Melissa said...

Welcome home to you and Andy! But especially... WELCOME HOME, SWEET MAIRE! This is the beginning of a beautiful story about you as a beloved daughter, sister, niece, cousin, granddaughter... So many people to love you. You are an orphan no more, precious one. Love always, Melissa

Amy said...

So glad all of you made it home safely. Maire sounds like she is doing amazingly well. She is a treasure that is for sure!

Shelli said...

Just total awesomeness!

Mazal tov to all of you!


Jimh. said...

I am so glad you made it safely. I thought I'd beat the jet-lag, but I find myself awake at this unGodly hour with no promise of sleep. I imagine it's midday in China. I'll resist sleep again during our day, and continue to muddle on. Our little girl is asleep in the crib, after a midnight diaper change that I never got back to sleep after. Like Cora said, give the boys and Maire a hug! Oh, and tell Andrew HI!