Thursday, January 27, 2011

Hong Kong Bound

It is friday morning here in Guangzhou and we are packing up our room and headed south! We will take the train to HK, then overnight at the airport Marriott. Our flight to the states leaves Saturday morning! We have loved Shamain Island. It is beautiful here.

It makes me sad to think this is the last day we will spend with Jim, Cora and Chloe. Maire has become very fond of them-well, so have Andy and I, too. I hope we have the chance to spend time with them again. Our girls share a bond, and we cannot let them forgot that!


Jimh. said...

I think that bond is that their mothers are both a little nuts. :-)

Well, have enjoyed being around the Wells as well (didja like my well-placed word play?). They are AWESOME!!

Paige said...

What an adventure. Thank you for letting us on one of the most amazing moments of your lives. We are all called to care for the widows and the orphans. For some people that means we get the amazing gift of raising one of His children, however, for some it means lifting up and praying for the others taking that journey. God bless you and your family