Friday, January 21, 2011

Holy fit batman!

Today was my "what was I thinking" day!! All was good till about 6:30pm. We moved today from Changsha to Guangzhou. We took the train which was GREAT, but it was all too much for Maire. She got worked up about 6:30pm (I had to fish a french fry out of her mouth) and that ticked her off! It took us 2 hours to get her settled down. She is finally calm enough I think she'll fall asleep.

To explain myself, I shall tell you why I fished the french fry out. Maire has a habit of storing food in her mouth for hours...yes hours. The first day, she had a veggie cracker in her mouth for 2 hours. TWO HOURS she sucked on it. We finally got it out of her mouth, but then later that night we notice she still had watercress from dinner in her mouth, along with one of her vitamins! It had been over an hour since we gave her the vitamin! So now we make sure when we are done eating that she doesn't have any food in her mouth. We not only worry about her choking, but it is terrible for her teeth and gums (and breath-yikes!). So after 30 minutes of letting her suck and a very soggy fry, I make her spit it out--and then everything went wrong!

I am so blessed that my hubby has the patience of Job. He took over tonight (at about the midway screaming tantrum yelling in chinese fit that Maire was having-she even stomped her foot). They say girls from Hunan province are spicy---I think they mean stubborn!!


Nicole said...

Oh goodness! Food issues tend to be involved with a lot of adoptions, but NOT fun! One of my students adopted from Russia (maybe 6-8 years ago) still steals food and hides food out of a fear that there won't be any food in the future. My neighbor who adopted from Ethiopia has struggled with her boy just grabbing as much as he can and eating as quickly as he can so that others don't eat all the food he would want. Oh... Maire... praying!

Amy said...

Susu also used to leave things in her mouth for a long time. Usually it was stuff she didn't like as much that would end up between her teeth and cheeks. She grew out of that pretty quickly actually. I bet Maire will too. We still have to force Susu to drink beverages though as in if you don't finish the glass of whatever in the next five minutes you will get a timeout. Our screaming temper tantrum in China was over shoes. Those Hunan girls are definitely spicy. Watch out big brothers (ha ha). We love those spicy girls!!!!!

Melissa said...

Sure gives new meaning to "chipmunk cheeks!" And I think if I had just had french fries for the first time ever, I might want to savor it too... Perhaps not for a half an hour, but I can see where she's coming from. ;)

Melissa said...

My kids just reminded me that Lia used to store food in her cheeks too. I had totally forgotten! For her, it was often food that was a little more challenging to chew. And she did grow out of it - obviously, since her mama had already completely forgotten about it! :)

Somewhere Behind the Morning said...


She's adorable, and I loved catching up on your posts!! What a nice, relaxing vacation in the DR first though! I'm jealous! :)

Victor sucked/stored food in his mouth starting the first night we had him in our care until just recently. I think it's a comforting thing for them. He would keep the fleshy part of an orange in his mouth after the juice was gone, a vitamin, a cracker, etc. He SCREAMED as well when we would take it out. But, like you, we didn't want him to choke plus it's bad for the teeth.

Don't worry- it will get better. (As if I am in a great position to give advice!!;) Safe and happy travels!!!

xoxo, Kari