Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It takes a village... feed a child! Don't know about you guys, but trying to feed my kids is a challenge. One hates chicken, the other hates hamburger. Tomato sauce on pasta---GROSS! Now I'm going to be throwing a child who is used to rice and pork dumplings into the mix! I have my work cut out for me! While I was thinking about this dilemma (one I am more than happy to take on, by the way) I had a great fundraising idea--one my friend has also suggested some time ago.

A cookbook! Been done before, I know, but it might just work. So, I need your recipes! Yes, yours....! Send me one or ten--how ever many you want! If you have pictures, that would be so great! I am going to have it together in time to sell for the holidays, so if you have a holiday themed recipes, that is great. If not, send it anyway. I'll find a place for it! Apps, desserts, drinks, main, side...whatever you've got that you are willing to share! Email me at, or respond here. Thank you so much! I will begin assembling the recipes as soon as they start coming in, so if you can get them to me by week's end, that would be great!

Now go get cookin'


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