Saturday, November 20, 2010


I have no news! yet again...another week with no update! Holy Guacamole (this is the new one from my 5 year old!) The good news is, I am so very lucky to have amazing kiddos to keep my mind off of this adoption anguish! We decorated gingerbread houses today! It was a blast. Tomorrow is church, then my nephew's birthday party and Sunday Football (Go GIANTS!) An awesome day for all! Both the boys are battling some sort of "bug". Jack was home sick 2 days with terrible cough, and Jude has started running a slight fever in the last few hours. Praying we all wake up fully rested and healthy!

If travel approval comes on Monday, there is a slight chance of December travel. I could give you 100 reasons why I want to travel in December--the most arms ache to hold my girl! I believe in miracles, and I believe that if God wants Maire home in December, then Maire will be home in December.

We continue to pray for her safety and well being. We long to meet her and enjoy her company. We can't wait to see her play with the toys we've gotten her or see her in the cute newsboy hat I picked up yesterday. Her Christmas Dress hangs next to her brothers Christmas sweaters---matching of course! I can only pray I get to see her in it! It is a hard time to celebrate knowing she is so far away, but my boys excitement for the holidays brings me so much joy! I am blessed, I know I am. Now I just need to remain patient!

Thank you for your prayers! I know they work wonders!


Jimh. said...

we are right there with you!! It's GOT to be there Monday!

Cora said...

What fun! I am trying to accept that the timing will be perfect but it is hard when your baby is on the other side of the world.
Just remember next year will be a completely different world so try to enjoy this year for what it is.
Give the boys a hug for me, I can't wait until I can meet you all in person!