Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm booking airfare!!

Woo hoo! We are going to China! We really really are! I cannot believe it! We have gotcha day AND consulate appointment set! If you want dates or details send me a private message. The boys are so excited about their baby sister and are looking forward to showing her around the house when she gets home. Little man is getting clingy-doesn't let me get too far away. Oh wait, he has always been clingy! I know he will have some adjusting to do with the "new baby", so I'm trying to give them both some extra love.

We are sooooo close to our final goal, so any amount you can give would be so helpful!

Here are the fees we are looking at during our journey to bring Maire home. I have listed the detailed cost for several items and would love you to "select an item to sponsor". For example; we will have 20 meals to pay for during our trip (breakfast is included at the hotel). Each meal will cost about $10.00 USD-you can sponsor one meal for $10.00 or a day of meals for $20.00 or an entire week...whatever you find comfortable for your budget! Select the "chip in" button on the right and type in your amount! Be sure to write what you'd like to sponsor in the memo field! That way we can thank you appropriately! We cannot believe that Maire is finally coming home!! Praise God!! The sooner we get the final funds raised, the sooner we can get to Maire! All contributions are greatly appreciated! We already have $190 raised toward meals and airfare! You are all so awesome!

28 Meals: $10.00 per meal
14 Nights lodging: $75 per night
3 train tickets from Changsha to Guangzhou: $100 per airline ticket
4 Government Official "fees": $25 each
2 Airline tickets from KC to China: $1250 each
1 Airline ticket from China to KC: $890

We cannot wait to share our final journey to bring Maire home with all of you! Thank you so much for all of your love and support!


Amy said...

I am so very excited for you! I am praying that God provides all the funds you need bring Maire home.

tjp said...

Congratulations! I'm another Loudi mom (we traveled in October--our daughter is Zizi). I've read about Maire in the LWB updates (she sounds like such a sweetheart). Enjoy your trip! We loved China. And of course, meeting and holding sweet Maire will be an unforgettable experience. I can picture the room right where you'll be. I'll definitely follow your journey and send prayers your way.

Somewhere Behind the Morning said...

Sending you warm wishes and positive energy as you journey to your daughter!!!! :)