Wednesday, September 8, 2010 a good way though!

Quick update as time is very limited these days! The boys are back in school, and so is Mommy! Yes, my BA in history is not serving its purpose, so I've returned to get my teaching certificate. I only have 3 semesters left, as I had already spent several years studying early childhood education in my 20s. Maire's visa is being processed, the travel agency is .... hmmmm, well, stressful and exhausting, Bear is in 3rd so he has homework, Bug has spent over a week fighting off a cold (which he has now lost the battle to!) and he graciously passed onto me (I think my face may be be melting considering all of the liquid gushing out---TMI?) I'm sure Andy still lives here, but is very busy with work.

The house is on the market, but the economy is really not helping us out on that end. Love our little house, but it just doesn't work for us. Better get now. We'll keep you posted on Maire's adoption. Praying for travel in late September or October. I have about 10 unopened emails starring at me right now, so I'd better get busy!

thanks for keeping us in your prayers!


Melissa said...

Feel better!

The Wells Family said...

Thanks Melissa...Jude and I both tested positive for strep today...yuck! But at least we have meds now!