Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do over!

I is my resignation. From here on out you will find me on my couch, watching Opera and eating bon bons. I give up. I quit.

Ok, maybe not really, but that is how I feel right now! This week was, quite possibly, one of the most difficult weeks of my life. My poor family has suffered through my tantrums and fits, tears and laughter (or hysteria), my need to paint something (I find painting a room always eases tension), and my lackadaisical outlook on pretty much everything.

Bad news all around-I have tried to kick the devil out, but he just rears his ugly head over and over. Travel approvals came for some folks today, but not us. Turns out, we don't even have an article 5 yet (we need this before we get our TA). Another 2 weeks or so until we get that. And I just learned there are NO embassy appointments for October. Right now they are booking November dates. So if our TA doesn't come soon, the November dates will be filled and that means December travel. Maire will be 3 by the time we get her. I am furious. Just furious.

Not to mention I'm having issues with a travel client trying to stick me with a big ole bill (long story short, I trusted them to pay me and they haven't yet) grrrrr, which means when they don't pay me, I can't pay the people I owe and on and on down the line. Good times.

So, come on over to my pity party. You are all invited! I plan on going to bed (after a glass of wine, of course---NO wait, Oreo's and milk) and sleeping off this bad attitude of mine!

I will think of my brilliant boys and how very blessed that God has allowed me to raise them-allowed me to be their mom. I will be grateful that I am healthy and so is my family. I will be grateful that my husband has a job and our needs are met. I will be thankful...

Always believing in Him,

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