Thursday, January 17, 2013

Two Years

I know we've done a terrible job keeping our family blog up to date. Today, however, marks the two years anniversary of when our family became complete. Two years ago today was the day we met the little girl we'd only seen in pictures up to that point. Two years ago today was the day we met a little girl crying in a room with two other families that were becoming complete. Two years ago today was when we were literally handed another life to care for, a girl who only knew us through pictures she'd seen. That short haired little girl was scared. We were scared. Now, we are whole.

Maire still doesn't communicate very well, but she's come a long way from that fragile state in which we were first introduced to her. She's willful and independent. She's loving and needy. She has a... shall we say "spirited" personality. She's smart. She likes to pretend she isn't. She likes things her way. But most of all, she's happy. She's rarely scared anymore. I can't say the same for us. She is most definitely a Wells.

Here are some pictures from the past two years.


Amy said...

Maire has changed so much! I loved seeing all those pictures of the last two years.

Jimh. said...

LOVE IT!! Miss you all!!

Andrew Wells said...

I should cite you as a contributor, Jim. Most of those China pictures were taken by you.